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  • 15 Minute Initial Consultation Free
    Would you like the chance to talk over your needs or Dr. Perchemlides' product or services? Schedule a Free, 15 minute, Initial Consultation.  
  • One Hour New Patient Appointment $225
    This type of appointment is for all new patients who have never worked with Dr. Perchemlides. This appointment will cover a full intake and evaluation of your needs. We will review your chief complaints, your full medical history, lab and image results and will develop an individualized treatment plan. 
  • Half Hour Follow Up Appointment $100
    This type of appointment is for those patients who have already had their first appointment with Dr. Perchemlides and who are following up. You may schedule a follow up appointment if you have new symptoms, new questions/concerns or needs, if your chemotherapy/radiation/surgery plans have changed or if Dr. Perchemlides has asked you to follow up at a given time. 



Remote Consultations Offered to Patients Around the World


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